Maggie Sinclair

With over two decades of experience as a healthcare leader, I am passionate about promoting health and wellness in both professional and personal settings.

My extensive clinical background has seen me serve diverse populations in several countries, including India, Singapore, the US, and UK. I previously engaged in medical evacuations, managed minor injury units for children and adults, and provided telemedicine services. I have also worked in clinical and management training roles both regionally and across APAC, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. I possess a BSc in Nursing, a postgraduate diploma in Global Health & Infectious Diseases, and an HSI First Aid Instructor qualification. Furthermore, as a mother of two daughters, I deeply understand the importance of first aid education and have applied this passion by training families, groups, businesses, and schools throughout Singapore. My professional journey enriches my personal life, instilling in my daughters the importance of health and wellness.

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